About Us

The Sweet Room family story: In the beginning - let there be cupcakes.


The year was 2014 and sisters Louise and Claire were talking about their latest baking sensations and the idea of being able to share these with more people through their own cakery business. Since they were very young both sisters were inspired and mentored in baking by their stepdad and master baker Sandy. That passion for baking has grown over the years and seeing the joy their homemade treats gave to family and friends decided to embark on a journey to give that same pleasure to everyone - let there be cupcakes.


In 2015 Louise and family made the decision to move from London back to her home town in Ayr to start the family cakery business. The vision, to take their understanding of great quality ingredients to hand craft delectable, edible creations, full of flavour to bring happiness to people.


The journey begins at The Sweet Room.